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13 May

Catering Ideas


Catering: Without Breaking your Budget If you have ever planned any kind of event that involved hosted food and drinks, chances are you’ve experienced a mini heart attack when the bill came. Catering is typically the highest expense incurred in hosting an event. I definitely do not recommend not feeding your guests, but I can offer some advice on how [...]

Catering Ideas 2018-06-19T11:23:11-06:00
16 April

Attracting Millennials that Donate


I myself am a millennial and it’s safe to say when we give, whether that be time or money, we want to know the impact we made. We want to know that the money we donated helped another individual. With more millennials living than baby boomers, it’s important to get this group engaged and on board with your cause. So [...]

Attracting Millennials that Donate 2018-04-16T11:24:48-06:00
25 March

Event Registration Streamlined


One of the most common areas we are asked for advice on is: How do I streamline event registration? Registration is one of the topics we at see most frequently. Our follow up question to this is: What current processes do you use to manage registration? The most common response: We don’t use any, we can’t afford them. Does [...]

Event Registration Streamlined 2018-03-25T09:49:56-06:00
16 March

Hey There ConvertKit


Have you heard of ConvertKit? It is an email marketing system that aims to help you grow your business. Yes, it’s true... email is still one of the best ways to market your business. Don’t get me wrong, you need all types of marketing to truly be successful, but email marketing is your old, new best friend. The more I [...]

Hey There ConvertKit 2018-03-16T11:31:05-06:00
1 March

Creating Irresistibly Sexy Sponsorships


The success of your event sponsorship sales is highly dependent upon how the packages are designed. You cannot provide prepackaged items for corporations to pick and choose from or it simply will not work. So how do you build the most irresistible sponsorships? You must build a relationship, be flexible to their needs, learn what they value and adjust accordingly. [...]

Creating Irresistibly Sexy Sponsorships 2018-03-01T13:47:52-06:00

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