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I myself am a millennial and it’s safe to say when we give, whether that be time or money, we want to know the impact we made. We want to know that the money we donated helped another individual. With more millennials living than baby boomers, it’s important to get this group engaged and on board with your cause. So how do you do it?


Give an Experience

Millennials are all about gaining experiences and creating lifetime moments. They believe philanthropy creates an opportunity to make an impact. They crave the feeling they get when they’ve made a difference, that their time was spent on a worthy cause. Don’t put limits on all they can do for your organization. Give them the opportunity to give a hands-on approach. Whether that be through your nonprofit project, letting them help plan an event or ride a bike to help raise money. Give them an experience that is social-media worthy and will create a memory associated with your nonprofit.


Incorporate Social Media

I think it’s safe to say we all know that millennials are the heaviest users and consumers of social media, therefore requiring your nonprofit to incorporate it throughout your strategy. Staying up to date throughout your social media platforms will help define and explain your purpose to millennials. I know myself and many other millennial donors are likely to look up your nonprofit and see what you’re about before donating or committing time. Look at it as your sales pitch. What pictures, videos and posts can you do to get people to understand and remember what it is you do? Often, if you make an impact, they’ll share that video or picture with their friends and family, creating an opportunity to increase your followers. Millennials are a great source of marketing when it comes to the social media platforms offered. Utilize them.


Ensure Donation Forms are Online and Mobile Friendly

Currently, everything is just a click or two away. To keep millennials donating (whether big or small) allow them to fill out donation forms through the web or on their mobile device. Make it super easy so you don’t lose them when they decide to get involved. If they feel it’s more of a hassle, odds are the donation amount will decrease or disappear.


Show Gratification

This goes for everyone. Follow-up with a thank you email as soon as their donation is processed, or they finished volunteering for a project. Make it personal. No one wants to feel that they were included in a mass email, and weren’t appreciated. Show the impact by including a video of the project they helped fund, give numbers, tell a story, etc. Show that they made a difference.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We all know it. It was the summer of millennials recording themselves getting drenched with buckets of ice water. Only to share the video to challenge and tag others to get involved. It was an absolute success, pushed only through social media platforms. This is a perfect example of getting millennials engaged, donating and excited about a cause. It was found that the ALS Association nearly doubled its annual budget by raising $115 million through this, resulting and exemplifying one of the most powerful examples of what social media can do for your nonprofit.


Don’t let monetary donations be the end all be all when reaching out to millennials. Don’t leave out an entire generation because you’re unsure on how to connect with them. Give them an experience where they can participate and make a difference, engage in your social media, make donations easy for them and show your gratification.


To attracting millennials,


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