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Have you heard of ConvertKit? It is an email marketing system that aims to help you grow your business. Yes, it’s true… email is still one of the best ways to market your business. Don’t get me wrong, you need all types of marketing to truly be successful, but email marketing is your old, new best friend. The more I dive in, the more I am learning to LOVE ConvertKit! It has FAR more features than other marketing automation sites and I’m positive I have not figured them all out yet.


ConvertKit was new to me not too long ago. While there are GREAT video tutorials I was intimidated by ConvertKit. This is not a drag and drop format, BUT it does give you the chance to be CREATIVE! There are so many OPTIONS. If you are looking for a robust option for marketing automation this is it! I hope, for your sake, you grow out of the simple marketing automation and graduate to a site like this, that means your business needs more. So, congratulations on your graduation!


There are many features of ConvertKit that allow you to create: “Forms” to collect emails on your website or landing page. You can set up “Sequences or Automation.” Basically, when someone joins your email list they’ll get a series (sequence) of emails. A “Broadcast” is a one-time email. And you can easily keep track of your “Reporting,” which is your subscriber data.


You can group your subscribers with tags and segments so it’s easy to separate people out of your large list. You can even add tags to a link to separate your subscribers based on what they clicked or opened!


You can really get specific and tag people into groups or sequences. This gives you the opportunity to target specific groups. For example, we had a Lunch & Learn event and I was able to create a tag called “Lunch and Learn” with the date and send a follow-up email specific to this group. ConvertKit took out the extra step of sifting through each attendee email for me. All I had to do was upload the spreadsheet of names and emails. Now they have that specific tag associated with their name. ConvertKit also recognized that I had already added some names and did NOT add them to our email list twice! Isn’t that cool?!?


Making sure you have an updated list of contacts is key to the success of your message on any marketing automation software or site. You can’t keep an audience if you are sending your eblast to a dummy email, and nobody wants three of the same email!
Every time I learn something new I am so excited I want to throw myself a party. I recently learned how to add HTML code to customize the look of my email. I know some of you might be the talented techy type, but that is NOT me, so I was stoked! You can really take ConvertKit and make it what you want. If you spend the time, you will set your nonprofit up for success with automatic email marketing.


Cheers to Smarter Marketing!


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