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The success of your event sponsorship sales is highly dependent upon how the packages are designed. You cannot provide prepackaged items for corporations to pick and choose from or it simply will not work. So how do you build the most irresistible sponsorships? You must build a relationship, be flexible to their needs, learn what they value and adjust accordingly.


Build the Relationship

We all know cold leads are a tough mountain to climb. Not that you shouldn’t work on building potential relationships over time, but it’s best to leverage those you know and have contacts with. From there it’s all about building a mutually beneficial relationship. So how do you figure out a way to make it beneficial for both parties? Your goal is to keep your sponsors happy, so they don’t take their contributions elsewhere. But how do you do that? Keep reading.


Send an Intro Email

Once you have contacts at several corporations it’s time for you to reach out. Sending an intro email is a great way to start building the relationship without coming off too strong. Here you will:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce your nonprofit and the overall cause (videos and photos are great!)
  • Provide your mission statements so they have a clear understanding of your goals
  • Let them know who is attending your event and please, please GIVE THEM DEMOGRAPHICS. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is really all they care about.
  • Explain how your nonprofit event is special. What makes it stand out?


This is not the time to hit them with a pre-built sponsorship package. This is for you to introduce yourself and warm up that lead.


Set-Up a Phone Call

You’ve sent your introduction email now it’s time to set-up a phone call. To present a package to potential sponsors you need to find out what is valuable to them. This requires some research on your end and this is where the phone call comes in.  Ask them about their goals as a company. What are they trying to accomplish? What are their pain points? The goal of this call is to gain a clear understanding of what they want from participating in your event.


Give them Options

By having a clear understanding, you are able to build the perfect sponsorship based off their needs. Take what you’ve learned from the phone call above to create sponsorship packages that will help them reach their goals. Build a package based off their needs and wants, give them a reason to partner with your event.


Give them options by creating tiers of benefits and pricing for each. You will need to be flexible when building these tiers, but it’s up to you how flexible you are willing to be.


Don’t make the mistake of creating pre-packaged sponsorships and sending them off to a list of emails. Build a relationship, ask questions and remain flexible. This will show corporations you value their needs and wants. They will want to come back and partner with you for years to come.


To making sponsorships irresistibly sexy,


Kendall | Social Media & Podcast Guru | |


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