The Top 3 Things to Focus on Before Event Planning


Most people when tasked with planning an event, head straight to the decor and logistics of the actual day of the event.  Before hopping in to these items, consider these 3 areas:


1. Getting the right people involved

Volunteers are not all created equal and that’s okay.  Just because someone wants to help doesn’t mean it will be a good outcome for you; instead creating more work. Spend time interviewing potential volunteers and building the right team who can help you accomplish your goals at the end of the event and not just show up and put flowers out.


2. Event marketing

It doesn’t matter how great your event is, if no one shows up then all your planning was for nothing.  Take time to really lay out a marketing plan of how to sell tickets, don’t wait until the last two weeks to discount tickets and beg people to come to your event.  Spend time generating your mission statement and creating great content so people will get to know your organization prior to your event.  Be sure to mark your calendar to send out emails, social media posts and make time to network and inform.


3. Experience

Before getting into the nitty gritty of your event planning details.  Think about how you are going to create a great experience as priority.  People forget to think about what it will feel like when your guest first walks into the door and check in.  Spend time visualizing what others will experience and try to make this more important than choosing your centerpieces.  This will help guide the little details and efforts you make when planning your logistics and decor.


Spending time on these 3 areas prior to starting your event will allow you to stay focused and not become overwhelmed with the little details, in hopes of creating a great event.  Focusing on the bigger picture first, will help you ensure that your details are meaningful and intentional.


To focusing on the bigger picture,


Danielle | CEO |


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