Reasons to Hire a Professional Auctioneer


A survey conducted by the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) revealed that on average, BAS-certified fundraising auctioneers haul in 50% higher bids than non-certified auctioneers. Looking at the cost of hiring a professional auctioneer may seem intimidating, but to create a successful fundraising event you need someone who is confident, enthusiastic and someone who keeps your audience engaged and donating throughout the evening. Still hesitant? Well maybe I can change your mind.

  1. They’re Known in the Community.

    Ever heard the saying, “this isn’t their first rodeo?” Well the same goes for auctioneers. Auctioneers are often influential people and are very involved, participating in a multitude of fundraising events. Having a professional that can recognize guests, effectively network and show appreciation for their attendance, adds a personal touch.

  2. They’re Entertaining.

    Guests have spent money to contribute to your cause. It’s only fair to return the favor with a night full of entertainment. If you don’t have a professional that keeps the audience captivated, engaged and interested then all your hard-work would be for nothing. Entertainment sells, boring doesn’t.

  3. Raise More Money.

    These people are professionals and know what they’re doing. Think of it this way, if you’re in need of a chiropractor you’re going to go to someone with high reviews, right? Sure, Jim from around the corner is a heck of a lot cheaper, but odds are you will get what you paid for. Think of hiring auctioneers the same way. They’ve spent their time on the stage and have built a career out of their expertise and know how to work a crowd, all the while working their way to guest’s wallets.

  4. They Know the Fine Line.

    Although you want your live auction items to sell, nothing will leave a worse taste in some guests mouth if they felt pressured throughout the night to purchase something they didn’t want or overpaid. Most likely resulting in them never returning. Will auctioneers help raise more money? Absolutely. However, they won’t intimidate or pressure your guests to do so. There’s a fine line between giving a guest an elbow nudge and pressuring or intimidating your guest to spend money they don’t want to spend. 

  5. They Roll with the Punches.

    I repeat: THESE PEOPLE ARE PROFESSIONALS. They know how to handle unexpected situations that pop-up through the night. Odds are they’ve already “been there, done that” and are great, quick problem solvers. Don’t let angry bidder wars or power outages ruin your fundraising event. Leave it to the professionals.

  6. They’re a Source of Marketing.

    In the nonprofit world, we all know it’s a competitive industry. Corporations and attendees already have a wide variety of causes to choose from nowadays so how can you help make your fundraising event stand out? Auctioneers can not only help promote your event through their social media platforms, but if done well, will keep you guests purchasing tickets for several years to come.

Nonprofits oftentimes have a tight budget to work with and are quick to eliminate any extra fluff they don’t deem necessary. Successful fundraising events not only require great attendees, and an engaging emcee, but an auctioneer that entices attendees to buy.  Recognize the benefits and set yourself up for success by hiring a professional for your next live auction.

To providing value to your valuables!

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